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Hello...I am contacting you to give my personal testimony and a positive review about my experience with '321Financial.' On January 26, 2015 representative Juanita Shanks called me to offer me your service of working with your 3rd party vendor to get financing so that I can clean up my credit. When I say that her timing was perfect and heaven sent, I truly mean it. When she called me I was in the middle of saying a prayer to God; asking him to give me guidance and to plan out to my day. Also, coming into this new year, I did a 21 day Consecration with my church; in that Consecration, I was seeking God to Bless me in 2015 with several things; one of them was for me to clean up my credit and to be financially stabled. My 21 day Consecration just ended yesterday, January 25, 2015. Also I'd like to share that while I was at church yesterday and on another past Sunday since this year has began, I was prophesied to that this would be my year! When I first began speaking to Juanita, I was a bit hesitant; I wasn't sure if the company was a fraud company or if they were legit; but after speaking with her for a few more minutes, her professionalism and God both assured me that she and '321Financial' were heaven sent and that one of my prayers had been answered. After going over all the information and verifications, I was approved! I could not believe that I was actually approved; I was speechless and filled with tears of joy! This was the jump start that I needed with starting off 2015; cleaning up my credit and improving my credit score, so that I can become financially secure and stabled! At this moment as I am typing this message, I am a bit emotional and still in shock that someone gave me a chance! I just want to thank '321Financial', Juanita Shanks and 'Sharon Grant with 'Paralegal Support Verification Department' for giving me a chance and helping me jump start 2015 and truly making my day! You are truly a Blessing and Heaven sent! God Bless!
321Financial is one of the most helpful organization. This is very important for us in our today's life. Their service is very good and they were friendly to me. i am highly satisfied with this.
Found myself in extreme hard times back in 2014. Spent months reviewing multiple programs and companies. Finally decided to move forward with working towards getting out of debt. Signed up with 321Financial and have not looked back since. They have been very helpful in getting those scavengers known as collections agency off my back. Besides having experienced reps call to educate and update me on a monthly basis, I was also assisted when I got sued by Midland Funding resulting in a win on my behalf. Thanks 321Financial for everything you have done and will continue to do for me.
William Glenn
The process was fast and easy working with their 3rd party vendors, Everyone was very helpful, and I also received a Great Rate!!!! They totally understood my problems and my needs. This program really works, I am pleased and I believe that you will be too.. Try It Today!!!
Chanda Harris
I had about $30000 in total debt including credit cards and medical bills and a few payday loans that were just killing me each month, I was paying about 800 on the payday loans alone and Cliff at 321Financial was able to get me to a 9% interest rate with one of their 3rd party vendors, on all of my debt and lower my payment to 600 a month. I couldn't be happier with the process, they were also able to get help from another vendor in removing 3 things off my credit report that was showing up negatively. Please give these a call, don't waste your time with other companies.
Aaron O
This company was my SAVIOR!!! I was dealing with a financial nightmare and this company was the DREAM scenario I was looking for! If you are drowning in debt look at this company to be your LIFESAVER!!!
Mark Leguizamon
I called around for getting help for some unsecured debt that I had. With the companies I talked to, I didn't feel like they would really help me out of my situation. And the representatives didn't seem like they wanted to help me. But when I contacted 321Financial, it was like a dark cloud was lifted from my shoulders. They made me feel comfortable. My review of the accounts I needed help with was quick. My credit score has even gone up. I have recommended the company to others who are so happy to get the calls stopped and accounts taken care of and their scores are up. Thank you 321Financial for helping me and understanding my concerns and problems.
They understood my problems and they really helped me. The agent was very pleasant and very patient while helping me understand how they will resolve my overwhelming credit cards debts.
Jeremy M
Wonderful Experience. Typically dread "dealing" with companies that only think of me as a number and not as an individual. Im more then a number and am treated that way at 321Financial.
S. Viviano
321Financial was extremely helpful and they were very courteous and empathetic toward me when I had major financial problems due to medical issues. They were were great at working with me and my injury. It also helped my credit. I couldn't get a car because of hospital bills and they cleared up my credit. I have a brand new car and all my bills are paid! I would also recommend them to anyone who is having any financial problems.
Rosemary Baker
Thank you so much you have been sent from the Gods to help save me from bankruptcy... Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I really do appreciate all your efforts from the bottom of my heart.... Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
Makeila Collins
Your so awesome. If I never ever speak to you again, which I doubt that will happen,  you have impacted my life and I'm better because I met you today. Thank you for being so kind and understanding. You are truly an angel sent by God. I'm not a holy roller but God sends others to bless and lift some else's spirit and that's what you have done.  THANK YOU!
Gayla Kiernan